My homemade cake frosting is too thin, what should I do?


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"Chocolate Frosting"

Follow the link in the answer for the recipe for this chocolate frosting

I’ve been spending time on the Cooking and Recipes forum.  Members can ask questions about recipes and they receive answers pretty quickly.  So…if you’re ever stumped as to how to solve a problem you’re having with cooking, give it a try.  It’s free to join and you can find information about almost any subject you can think of.

Here’s a sample question from the Cooking forum;

My homemade cake frosting is too thin what should I do?

I made chocolate frosting(not Icing) and it’s really thin. I added like a whole bag of powdered sugar and even corn starch. I have let it sit but nothing seems to be helping. Is there anything else I can do to save my frosting?

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Without knowing what recipe you used it is difficult to tell you how to fix it. But…I’ve been in your situation before, and in trying to salvage something, spent oodles more on fixing it only to get a less than spectacular result. I would suggest scrapping it. I don’t think the corn starch will make it taste very good. If you want a fool-proof chocolate frosting recipe check this out…

With 1000’s of people’s experience posted there, you’re sure to find answers you can use too!


The Logic Behind Making $39 Mixers In The US

KitchenAid is moving it’s mixer production back to the United States."KitchenAid Professional 600"
I think this is a very good move on the part of Whirlpool. I’m not sure if the increased production rate of 24% offsets the difference in labor costs. But, that will also mean no shipping cost. The shipping cost must be exorbitant.
I also believe it will impact the brand’s favorability. I have heard people grumbling on baking forums about KitchenAid mixers being made in Asia. Those that complained felt that the quality of the mixers had lessened when production was moved to Asia.

I believe KitchenAid may see a sales increase because people will have a renewed confidence in the company.
In the current tough economy, providing jobs for Americans (who are the main purchasers of the products) will also be seen if a favorable light.
If you would like more info about KitchenAid moving production back to the United States read “Is KitchenAid’s Mixer Quality Improving?” you can find the article here

Global Supply Chain Musings

An article in the Wall Street Journal (May 22, 2012) describes a decision by Whirlpool to move production of its hand mixers, that retail for $ 39, back to its plant in Greenville, Ohio. This decision was despite US wages of $ 12.40 to $ 16.50 per hour compared to $3.40 to $ 3.50 per hour in China. But the US plan has an hourly production rate 24 % higher than when the product was outsourced and generates one mixer every 30 seconds. It is also produced in a plant that makes KitchenAid stand mixers, a premium product that was always produced in the US. In contrast, a competitor, Hamilton Beach, continues to source in China. Is Whirlpool’s choice an artifact of the existence of the premium KitchenAid stand mixer plant or could it be justified even without the existing plant ? Given that many products now have a low…

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KitchenAid Gives Back

KitchenAid has not let being the most popular mixer brand, among home cooks and professionals alike, “go to it’s head”. This is a company that gives back.

Unless you’ve been “living under a rock”, you are probably aware that the company has been manufacturing a pink stand mixer, the Komen Foundation Artisan Stand Mixer for several years. The company donates $50 to breast cancer research from each sale of this mixer. What you may not know is that since “Cook for the Cure” started,

To find out how you can help in the fight against breast cancer go to

New Beater Technology For Kitchenaid, No More Scraping The Bowl

When creaming butter, or making cake batters with a stand mixer, it has always been necessary to stop the mixer at intervals in order to scrape the mixture down from the sides of the bowl. Depending on what you are mixing, this can mean stopping the mixer a dozen times in order to get everything into the mix. The butter creeps up the side of the bowl. The flour sticks to the side of the bowl. Stopping to scrape the bowl can make what is supposed to be a “hands-free” process seem like a

Find out more about this new technology here

Common Kitchen Conversions

Ever find yourself confused as to how many teaspoons equals a tablespoon when you’re converting recipes? I find myself rummaging through old cookbooks frequently for conversions. I found this handy chart that makes it easy to find conversions at a glance. I’m printing this and taping it to the inside of my cupboard door. No more searching for me. This should be a time saver!

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You can print the chart by following this link

Breakfast Cookies

My husband and I enjoy camping and hiking. We went on a fantastic hike this past

The 300 year old sandbox tree near Lawyer Stephens Cave. These trees have sharp spikes containing toxin. They are the only trees monkeys are unable to climb. We were told slaves were lashed to these trees as punishment.

weekend to Lawyer Stephens Cave. James Stephens was a great abolitionist who, during the 18th century,

To find out more and get this easy recipe for quick breakfasts all week long go here

Strawberry Banana Muffins With Heart

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I wanted to bake something for my husband that would be special, and show him how much I care. I thought about cupcakes or cake, but decided instead on making muffins, so that right from the start of his day, he would have a smile on his face.

I created these Strawberry Banana Muffins for him. These muffins did put a smile on his face. Rich and moist with bursts of strawberry flavor, a crunchy topping, and a heart drawn on top with strawberry

Get the recipe at